To check into owning a week at A Place at the Beach in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach simply call Wayne Gasque at 843-272-7376 x 1003 with your questions. If you do not get an answer please leave a message, phone number and best time to call. Buying at resale prices can save you thousands.

To list your A Place at the Beach week for sale…first be sure it is paid for and that the maintenance fee is up to date. Then with deed in hand (if possible) call Wayne Gasque at 843-272-7376 x 1003. We DO NOT charge an up front fee.

A number of resorts in this area have experienced an increase in companies that are LLC’s from various states offering “timeshare owners” to take over their unit/weeks if the owner pays a fee. We have found various amounts depending on the company being quoted to the owners from $1,500 to $3,500. The bulk of these companies thus far are located in Florida, Texas, California, and Nevada. The owners sign a power of attorney  but in some of these cases the companies are not filing the deeds or they put fake names on them, but they do keep your money. In researching this for the past several weeks I understand that 5 or 6 states have their attorney generals looking into these LLC’s.

Please do not fall for these scams. Contact your resort and see what you can do before you give away your money for nothing.

R.J. (Bud) McGraw GM/ B.I.C.